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Green Goddess Baby Wipe Solution

Green Goddess Baby Wipe Solution

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** Same great product - NEW BRANDING ** Once your baby's skin barrier has developed after 4-6 weeks you may want to use this natural wipe solution when cleansing baby's delicate areas. It contains low-risk, low-allergen ingredients ...Show more ›

Whilst we advocate for water only when cleansing your baby. If you do want to use something else this is the BEST option available.

Rosewater is a wonderful antiseptic and anti-bacterial and has been sourced from a New Zealand supplier who adds no preservatives.
Witchhazel is antiseptic and soothing for inflamed skin, and Green Goddess source a variety without added preservatives.

This product is created with natural ingredients and handmade in New Zealand.


Each 500ml bottle contains nothing but water, preservative-free witchhazel and preservative-free rosewater....Show more ›
Handmade in NZ by Green Goddess (previously Wendyls) it is packaged in a BPA free recyclable bottle.


Simply apply a small amount to your dry wipe or cloth then use for cleansing your baby's delicate areas ...Show more ›
This is wonderful as a refreshing face or hand cleanser as well