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Skinsafe Baby Wipes

Skinsafe Baby Wipes

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Our most popular Classic Wipes in NEW RETAIL PACKAGING are BACK IN STOCK

Protect and cleanse your babys sensitive skin with Skinsafe Baby Wipes as used in Birthcare and Hospitals Nationwide. These premium wipes are soft, strong and absorbent ... Show more ›

Your babys skin can be damaged by parabens, alcohol, detergents, preservatives and chlorine contained in standard wet wipes. By using Skinsafe Baby Wipes you can ensure that your baby's precious skin is cared for and protected by avoiding these harsh chemicals. Using these wipes reduces the risk of inflammation and common skin conditions like nappy rash and eczema.

This is our most popular product for nappy changes.

ThinkWise is the official distributor of this product Skinsafe Baby Wipes RHS320, which is manufactured and supplied by Reynard Health Supplies.


This dry wipe product is made from a non-woven, low linting material ... Show more ›
using a polyester and viscose blend.

Size: 33 x 29cm

Thickness: 35 gsm

50 wipes per packet
Small Carton: 8 packs = 2 months supply (approx)
Two Small Cartons: 16 packs = 4 months supply (approx)



Simply dampen these wipes with water and use for cleansing ...Show more ›
  • Babies delicate areas
  • Face and body
  • Surfaces
  • They can also be used as nappy liners (non flushable)

    22 Ratings:

    Ye Fong (Posted on 20/03/19)
    Soft, great wipes for my two babies! No harsh chemicals. Easy to use, just add water. And thanks for the prompt delivery!

    Stacey (Posted on 8/08/18)
    Best wipes ever! 101 purpose wipes

    Rachel (Posted on 20/04/18)
    Used the classic wipes with both my babies and has prevented nappy rash and any other skin allergies. Use them for everything and they can even survive a wash cycle in the machine.

    Qiying (Posted on 11/02/18)
    Very easy to use

    A DALLAS (Posted on 20/08/17)
    My favourite baby wipes, no nasty chemicals

    Mary Ann (Posted on 20/08/17)
    We are so happy we found this product, I find it better than the usual wet wipes sold in the market. it's safer and easier to use, aside from that I think it's healthier using it than wet wipes that have got chemicals present.

    debra (Posted on 20/08/17)
    very good product

    Katie chen (Posted on 19/08/17)
    Good product

    M R (Posted on 19/08/17)
    Very useful for sensitive skin

    Ray (Posted on 19/08/17)
    Have used these with our son since birth. Great to have a wipe with no chemicals.

    sarah (Posted on 19/08/17)
    Love this product. I don't have to worry about nappy rash's any more because the wipes are so soft! Highly recommend this product

    mhairi waring (Posted on 18/08/17)
    i have used these wipes and found them to be very gentle on newborns.

    Leah (Posted on 26/01/17)
    AMAZING wipes! Only wipes that don't leave a rash. Also used to clean up little spills. Love them.

    Sam (Posted on 2/12/16)
    Great idea. I used them in Birthcare. Easy and don't take up much room in the handbag! Just wish they were biodegradable! I always feel terrible throwing away so many wipes... (I use cloth wipes at home but disposable when I'm out) Please come up with a biodegradable version! Pretty please!!!

    Michelle (Posted on 21/08/16)
    Amazing product! Have been using these for three years for my daughter and they are so soft!

    Aaron lin (Posted on 20/08/16)
    one of the best wipes, also their other product is very good

    AUDREY (Posted on 20/08/16)
    These wipes help avoid nappy rashes, and they are effective!

    Karena (Posted on 20/08/16)
    Awsome wipes for our bubs who has sensitive skin!

    Anna Swift (Posted on 19/08/16)
    Really natural and handy to use. Great product

    Jo Peterson (Posted on 19/08/16)
    Amazing product so easy to use

    Georgia Olsen (Posted on 19/08/16)
    I love this product. And the new packaging makes it even more convenient. These are the only wipes I would use on my new born

    katie (Posted on 19/08/16)
    awesome product. used with our newborn and very soft on her sensitive skin. No harsh chemicals :)

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