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Enviro Baby Wipes

Enviro Baby Wipes

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from 9 cents per wipe


Now you can make an environmentally friendly choice, whilst protecting and cleansing your baby's sensitive skin ... Show more ›

Your babys skin can be damaged by parabens, alcohol, detergents, preservatives and chlorine contained in standard wet wipes. By using Enviro Wipes you can ensure that your baby’s precious skin is cared for and protected by avoiding these harsh chemicals. Using these wipes reduces the risk of inflammation and common skin conditions like nappy rash and eczema.
Enviro wipes are:

  • soft, strong and highly absorbent

  • made of 100% natural fibres

  • 100% biodegradable

  • Ingredients

    This dry wipes product is made from 100% natural fibres. It is a non woven viscose cloth ... Show more ›
    with no chemicals or fragrances added. These wipes come in a 30 metre roll and can be cut to your preferred length.
    Size: 18cm wide
    Thickness: 55 gsm

    170+ wipes per roll

    Full Carton: 12 Rolls = 9 months supply (approx)



    Simply cut to the length you require, dampen with water and use for cleansing ... Show more ›
  • Babies delicate areas
  • Face and body
  • Surfaces
  • They can also be used as nappy liners (non flushable)

    5 Ratings:

    Jacqueline (Posted on 11/05/19)
    These are just perfect. The best baby wipes for when at home and on the go. Since they are dry, their lifespan is increased and when on the go their weight is a lot less compared to pre-wetted wipes, which is very convenient. I also love the flexibility of cutting them to the desired length and that they are biodegradable without chemicals.

    vicky chang (Posted on 20/08/16)
    brilliant product. easy to use and good for the baby

    kris Gong (Posted on 20/08/16)
    good product to use

    lyn (Posted on 19/08/16)
    Great Item, My baby loves it!

    Danielle (Posted on 17/11/15)
    I chose these wipes because I wanted something that was natural and completely biodegradable. They are very absorbent, but not quite as soft or effective at cleaning as the pre-cut baby wipes on this site. The other downside is that you have to cut them off the roll, which is quite a hassle when you're dealing with a one year old who won't lie still on the change table! I tend to pre-cut them into small squares for wipes and a longer rectangle for nappy liners (I use cloth nappies). What would be AWESOME is if they came pre-cut or even perforated into small squares so that you could use one for a wipe, or two for a liner.

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