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Classic Baby Wipes

Classic Baby Wipes

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From 8 cents per wipe


Our 50 packs in the new retail packaging are BACK in STOCK

Protect and cleanse your babys sensitive skin with Skinsafe Baby Wipes as used in Birthcare and Hospitals Nationwide These premium wipes are soft, strong and absorbent ... Show more ›

Your babys skin can be damaged by parabens, alcohol, detergents, preservatives and chlorine contained in standard wet wipes. By using Classic Wipes you can ensure that your baby's precious skin is cared for and protected by avoiding these harsh chemicals. Using these wipes reduces the risk of inflammation and common skin conditions like nappy rash and eczema.

This is our most popular product for nappy changes.

ThinkWise is an official distributor of this product also known as Skinsafe Baby Wipes, Soft Patient Wipes and Soft Baby Wipes/Liners RHS320, RHS303 & RHS307, which are manufactured and supplied by Reynard Health Supplies.


This dry wipe product is made from a non-woven, low linting material ... Show more ›
using a polyester and viscose blend.

Size: 33 x 29cm

Thickness: 35 gsm

Optional 100 or 50 wipes per pack

50 wipes per packet
Small Carton: 8 packets = 2 months supply (approx)
Full Carton: 18 packs = 4-5 months supply (approx)

100 wipes per packet
Half Bulk Carton: 9 packs = 4-5 months supply (approx)
Full Bulk Carton: 18 packs = 8-9 months supply (approx)



Simply dampen these wipes with water and use for cleansing ...Show more ›
  • Babies delicate areas
  • Face and body
  • Surfaces
  • They can also be used as nappy liners (non flushable)

    65 Ratings:

    khalid (Posted on 1/05/19)
    very very good, used for my first born , going to get for second one too

    Elizabeth (Posted on 20/08/17)
    Best baby wipes ever. The only wipes that I use on my baby.

    Nichola (Posted on 20/08/17)
    My little girl is 2 and I have been using these from top to bottom since she was born - fantastic - and will continue too

    Kelly (Posted on 20/08/17)
    Very good product. No more nappy rash

    Kristine Liu (Posted on 19/08/17)
    Great product we've used for ages, since first baby born in Year 2012

    Amanda Buck (Posted on 19/08/17)
    Absolutely amazing. I have been using for 3 years and they are perfect for the newborn stage as they are so soft and the best part is no chemicals!!! Highly recommend

    Hanri Els (Posted on 19/08/17)
    Love the product - we have them all over the house. Will keep using for many more years!

    Alannah (Posted on 18/08/17)
    Fantastic, gentle and soft.

    Olivia (Posted on 18/08/17)
    The BEST wipes for newborn! So easy to use and no nappy rash from harsh chemicals. :) win win! :)

    Cristina (Posted on 18/08/17)
    GREAT wipes, my baby never got any type of irritation.

    Renee ChEn (Posted on 18/08/17)
    Great on sensitive skin

    neha (Posted on 18/08/17)
    great product, highly recommend this one!!

    Brenda (Posted on 27/01/17)
    Excellent wipes, only ones that would not cause a rash. Wish had found where to purchase them sooner!

    Mieke Sachsenweger (Posted on 21/08/16)
    Excellent wipes for my baby's sensitive skin

    Allie (Posted on 21/08/16)
    We've used these from birth and still using them. V good product.

    Minna (Posted on 21/08/16)
    Great product!! No more nappy rash.

    Nichola (Posted on 21/08/16)
    Fantastic use to wipe everything top to bottom

    Jason Ujdur (Posted on 20/08/16)
    Fantastic product. We have used these since our boy was born 7 weeks prem, in SCBU. Highly recommended.

    elizabeth kuo-yee (Posted on 20/08/16)
    the only baby wipes i use on my baby

    Sarah Hodgson (Posted on 20/08/16)
    Wonderful product for newborns, toddler cleansing safely and gently yet no disintegration. Great for adults face cloths too, any and all household use as well. Love them.

    M Ragavan (Posted on 20/08/16)
    Great wipes to use and the most natural product we could find. Never had nappy rash issues using these

    Caroline (Posted on 20/08/16)
    The best baby wipes on the market!!

    kelly wang (Posted on 20/08/16)
    so helpfull products

    Gina Ng (Posted on 20/08/16)
    We have used these baby wipes since my son was a newborn nearly two years ago and they are fantastic! Highly recommended!

    Nicky (Posted on 20/08/16)
    Great to use since NICU. Never had any problems after using this great stuff.

    josie (Posted on 20/08/16)
    We love the wipes and have used since our baby was born,...and we are still using them now 2.5 years later! So soft and can be used for nappy changes, plus perfect for wiping our toddler's sensitive skin around her nose when she has a cold, and her face after meals. Can't recommend highly enough!

    Lynne Coleman (Posted on 20/08/16)
    Fantastic non toxic product that puts your mind easy with a newborn

    cristina (Posted on 19/08/16)
    The products are amazing! Never used other wipes for my LO and she hasn't had a rush or any skin problems. Highly recommend it! They are of a wider use as well, clean their hands, face... anything ;)

    Elena (Posted on 19/08/16)
    Love the wipes! the most essential product in our household. Don't irritate my daughters skin, very soft and easy to use!

    sunny (Posted on 19/08/16)
    the wipes is amazing, i have used it since my son is born. it is very easy to use and very gentle on the skin. Highly recommend!

    Jacinda K (Posted on 19/08/16)
    Excellent product, so easy to use for changing at home, out and about and for mess free nappy off time!

    Sandra Greer (Posted on 19/08/16)
    Love these products. Very soft and gentle on my babies skin. I use them as wet and dry wipes. New packaging is great too!

    Sarina (Posted on 19/08/16)
    Absolutely love the classic wipes, haven't used anything else for my little boy!

    hayley wilson (Posted on 19/08/16)
    Have been using thinkwise wipes for over a year and they are the ONLY wipes that don't give my baby nappy rash!!! LOVE THEM!!!!!

    justine (Posted on 19/08/16)
    have used these wipes since birth for child #1. They are fantastic, work great with a spritz of water and are machine washable, which makes them even better when combined with cloth nappies as everything can go straight in the wash.

    Kristine Berry (Posted on 19/08/16)
    We have been using the wipes for 2 years now and they are fantastic. As well as being economical they are gentle on our babies skin.

    louise schofield (Posted on 19/08/16)
    awesome - each wipe is worth 3 normal baby wipes

    Katrina (Posted on 19/08/16)
    We have been using these for over 4 years for our daughter and now our son, they are extremely economical and it is great knowing they are sensitive on little ones skin.

    Olivia (Posted on 16/06/16)
    Love them! We used these wipes at warkworth birthcare and when we got home I started using huggies wipes. Within 2 days he had nappy rash and I felt so bad knowing it was the chemicals in the wipes that was causing it. So we found out where to buy these wipes and got them. Instantly no more nappy rash. It is so nice knowing that your not hurting your babies sensitive and delicate skin. Easy to use with a bit of water, (can take a drink bottle when your out, or wet a few in a snaplock bag before you go) cleans just as effectively as any other wipe. Highly recommend!! :)

    Aaron (Posted on 10/03/16)
    These wipes are the best. They are gentle, soft and large - yet durable. Much better than using wipes with chemicals and preservatives. Our baby has had no skin irritations, and I'd gladly recommend these to anyone.

    Danielle (Posted on 17/11/15)
    These wipes are lovely and soft to use and very absorbent. I usually use one or two wet wipes (dipped in water), followed by one dry wipe to pat my baby's bottom dry. They are quite large, so we tend to cut them in half and they last for ages that way. If they were biodegradable they would be absolutely perfect!

    Sharon (Posted on 23/08/15)
    Love the wipes! First heard of them when bubs came along and haven't stopped using them since!

    Sarah-Kate (Posted on 23/08/15)
    I've been using these wipes since my daughter was born. She's now 1 and I couldn't live without them! Perfect for nappy changes and wiping faces. So soft and absorbent and no irritation.

    Katrina (Posted on 22/08/15)
    Have been using the blue baby wipes since our daughter was born and they are so soft and gentle on her skin I can't imagine using anything else. Definitely worth it!!

    Sianne Olphert (Posted on 22/08/15)
    Awesome wipes, easy, cheap and great for allergy kids!!!!

    bryony (Posted on 22/08/15)
    Amazing wipes purchase regularly and have done since leaving birthcare... shes never had nappy rash would def recommend

    Lucy (Posted on 20/08/15)
    We discovered these wipes when our second son was born at Birthcare. I asked the staff about them and they gave me your card. The moment we got home, we ordered a carton and two years on we are still using them. Our second son has never had nappy rash whereas our older boy did. I have recommended the wipes to all my parent friends and will continue to do so.

    Katie Smith (Posted on 19/08/15)
    These wipes are wonderful. They are strong and durable. I cut the wipes in half and they last longer while still being a good size. I love THINKWISE :)

    Caroline (Posted on 28/07/15)
    These are the best wipes! Have used them for years and wouldn't use anything else. Not only are they a great baby wipe they are so versatile! I use them for makeup removal, cleaning and wiping kids sticky fingers and faces.

    Emma (Posted on 23/06/15)
    We too found these at birth care and they are amazing!!! So nice to be chemical free and they are super super soft!!

    Oly Su (Posted on 28/04/15)
    Please use this wipe for your baby and nothing else!
    We learned about this wipe when our daughter was born at BirthCare and only buy and use this product.
    It has no fragrance and chemical nasties, cheap, durable and super useful for all occasions.
    100% recommend :)

    Johannah (Posted on 26/10/14)
    Have used this product for years and just love it - thanks thinkwise

    michelle peake (Posted on 22/08/14)
    I love the soft baby wipes, they are great, strong and soft for my daughter and they also have many other uses for around the house. They are great and I am a loyal customer

    Fleur (Posted on 22/08/14)
    I love using this product! So nice to know I'm not putting any chemicals on my babies skin :)

    Veronica Painter (Posted on 22/08/14)
    Came back from Birthcare and started using face cloths and she had nappy rash after 2 days. Bought some thinkwise wipes online and haven't had a problem since!!! THANK YOU

    JANELLE (Posted on 22/08/14)
    Love these wipes, they are so much nicer to use on my baby than chemical wipes, with the bonus of being more cheaper!

    yan (Posted on 22/08/14)
    this product is really great. I have used it for 4 years since my boy was born. now we've got another one coming, we will continue to use it for some time.

    Alana (Posted on 9/06/14)
    We have been using these since our little boy was born and they are absolutely fantastic!

    Victoria (Posted on 7/06/14)
    Amazing, easy and no nappy rash!!

    Sharon Swaris (Posted on 3/06/14)
    What a great product, I have used your wipes since my baby was born - he is now 11 months and no nappy rash todate!

    Meeta (Posted on 3/06/14)
    I've been using the wipes since my lil ones birth. Best product I would always recommend.

    Amanda (Posted on 22/05/14)
    I used this for my 2nd baby in combination with the beeswax ointment as a barrier cream (which I also bought from this site). I've had no problems with any nappy rash- I would really rate this combination for sensitive skin. I tried other things with my first child and had to use hydrocortisone in the end- I wish I'd discovered these when he was a baby!

    Rachel (Posted on 6/05/14)
    Have used these for three years with two babies and would never use anything else after having come across them in the birthing centre (and not wanting to use nasty baby wipes you get in the supermarket). Have made several orders and they always arrive quickly. Definitely recommend them, babies have never had nappy rash which is unheard of these days and I put it down to these wipes.

    Naomi (Posted on 5/05/14)
    I have used this product for over four years now, on both of my two sons. I have found it to be excellent. I don't like the idea of using wipes that have been filled with goodness knows what chemicals on my children's skin. It's nice to know that these wipes can be used either to wipe a child's face or his/her bottom, without worrying about what sort of reaction it might cause.

    Megan (Posted on 29/04/14)
    We used these in NICU for our twins and were thrilled to find we could buy them to use at home too. We are loyal customers and have been using them for 2 1/2 years now for two kids so that = 5 years of use! Highly recommend.

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