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Disposable Change Mats

Disposable Change Mats

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from 36 cents each


New bulk quantity 300 Mats

You can ensure your baby is protected from any germs and irritants present on surfaces ... Show more ›
at nappy change time. They are also ideal for mums to sleep on postnatally, a safe and hygienic surface to give your baby their all important 'airtime' and as a mattress protector.
Change Mats prevent unnecessary washing of linen, especially when your time and energy are in short supply.
Discover how economical and highly versatile these disposable change mats are.

ThinkWise is an official distributor of this product also known as Disposable Underlays RHS505 which are manufactured and supplied by Reynard Health Supplies. They are used in Hospitals and Birthing units nationwide.


Made from 5 ply tissue paper with a viscose cloth covering ... Show more ›
using a viscose and polyester blend.

Each mat is 43x60cm and has a waterproof polyethylene backing with side guards to prevent any leakage on to the surface below.

Each packet contains: 50 individual mats 
This product is much cheaper than change mats available in the supermarkets, buy in bulk to save even more.

Quantities available:
1 packet (50mats), 2 packets (100mats ) or 6 packets (300mats)


Ideal for both mum and bubs, these change mats are designed for moderate absorbency needs. They are wonderful for … Show more ›
  • Nappy change times, especially when you are on the go.
  • Protecting linen and bedding.
  • Providing a hygienic and safe surface for baby’s airtime.