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Disposable Change Mats

Disposable Change Mats

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from 36 cents each


New bulk quantity 300 Mats

You can ensure your baby is protected from any germs and irritants present on surfaces ... Show more ›
at nappy change time. They are also ideal for mums to sleep on postnatally, a safe and hygienic surface to give your baby their all important 'airtime' and as a mattress protector.
Change Mats prevent unnecessary washing of linen, especially when your time and energy are in short supply.
Discover how economical and highly versatile these disposable change mats are.

ThinkWise is an official distributor of this product also known as Disposable Underlays RHS505 which are manufactured and supplied by Reynard Health Supplies. They are used in Hospitals and Birthing units nationwide.


Made from 5 ply tissue paper with a viscose cloth covering ... Show more ›
using a viscose and polyester blend.

Each mat is 43x60cm and has a waterproof polyethylene backing with side guards to prevent any leakage on to the surface below.

Each packet contains: 50 individual mats 
This product is much cheaper than change mats available in the supermarkets, buy in bulk to save even more.

Quantities available:
1 packet (50mats), 2 packets (100mats ) or 6 packets (300mats)


Ideal for both mum and bubs, these change mats are designed for moderate absorbency needs. They are wonderful for … Show more ›
  • Nappy change times, especially when you are on the go.
  • Protecting linen and bedding.
  • Providing a hygienic and safe surface for baby’s airtime.

  • 29 Ratings:

    Audrey (Posted on 19/08/17)
    The mats are really convenient both indoor and outdoor!

    Rochelle (Posted on 19/08/17)
    Excellent, have given to all my friends expecting babies!!

    charanya (Posted on 19/08/17)
    really handy...can take them anywhere....much comfort for parents and baby as well

    Alana (Posted on 19/08/17)
    Love the mats - great for having on the changing table as a back up while the nappy is being changed, and on the floor for nappy off time! Love them : )

    Alexa (Posted on 19/08/17)
    Highly recommend! Makes cleaning up those little nappy accidents so easy!

    Amy van zwanenberg (Posted on 18/08/17)
    Absolute essential item for out and about but I even use them at home, no mess and so easy!

    Louise (Posted on 18/08/17)
    Great to use - makes life easy with those unforeseen accidents while changing.

    Gina Ng (Posted on 18/08/17)
    Great product! Have used for both my sons!

    Cherie (Posted on 18/08/17)
    Purchased these for the birth of my daughter - really useful for change mats and for baby during tummy time. Much more cost effective than supermarket brands.

    Hayley (Posted on 29/12/16)
    These change mats are awesome! I use them everyday at home on the change table, as well as when we are out and about. I love that the change table doesn't get any spills on it! One less job to do! :)

    Emma (Posted on 21/08/16)
    Have been great, now I don't need to wash the change pad cover every day!! Also great for nappy free time.

    Tracy (Posted on 20/08/16)
    Great product,highly recommend

    Jamie (Posted on 20/08/16)
    Amazing I use these all the time

    Al (Posted on 20/08/16)
    good to catch the unexpected wee, mostly absorbent to avoid wee creeping into clothing

    hanie (Posted on 20/08/16)
    BEST disposable product! I use it on the change table and a stash in my diaper bag. super versatile.

    June Benefield (Posted on 19/08/16)
    These are so handy and fold up nice and small.

    emma tordsson (Posted on 19/08/16)
    Love the change mats. They were a real game changer for us bringing home a new born. Cant recommend them enough

    Annette Griffin (Posted on 19/08/16)
    The blueys are AMAZING. Will a newborn little boy they were a lifesaver and saved hours that i would have otherwise spent washing changing mats! Definitely a must have for new parents!

    laura lomu (Posted on 19/08/16)
    the baby change pads are amazing i haven't found better ones anywhere else.

    elizabeth ashforth (Posted on 19/08/16)
    love it for nappy off time

    Alana Lobb (Posted on 19/08/16)
    These mats saved us so much in washing in the early days and are great for taking out and about for changing with baby.

    Alana (Posted on 19/08/16)
    We used these products in Birthcare and ordered straight away! Huge boxes awaiting us on our arrival home, (we got the bulk packs). The change pads make changing so much less messy - the amount of times Bub chooses to continue going mid-change.....these save a lot of washing!!

    babett volgyesi (Posted on 19/08/16)
    5* love these! so easy to use and light and compact

    Hanie (Posted on 23/08/15)
    Wonderful product!! So soft and keeps the change table clean :) easy to pop in diaper bag and take along with us too!

    anita (Posted on 22/08/15)

    Bhav (Posted on 21/08/15)
    Love the mats, so easy to use and love that you can bulk buy them.

    Freddie (Posted on 6/01/15)
    Great product. Highly recommended

    Lulu (Posted on 22/08/14)
    Good product

    Rachel (Posted on 6/05/14)
    Definitely recommend - a must have. We have used these for both babies.

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