Frequently Asked Questions

Are the wipes wet or dry?

They are a DRY wipe that you wet with water before using. This eliminates the need for any chemicals and preservatives, making them much safer for use on your baby.


Which wipes do Birthcare-Auckland use?

As of January 2010 Birthcare Auckland use our most popular product - the Classic Baby Wipes in the blue packet.


Which wipes was I using in hospital?

Most hospitals are currently using the Plush Baby Wipes (301 Supersoft Patient Wipes) in the pink packet, though now that the Classic Baby Wipes (303 Soft Patient Wipes/307 Soft Baby WipesLiners) product is available in New Zealand some hospitals have begun to stock this – to find out about which wipes you came across at a specific hospital, please send us a query and we will check for you.


How do I decide whether to use the Plush Baby Wipes (301 Supersoft Patient Wipes) or the Classic Baby Wipes (303 Soft Patient Wipes)?

The only difference between the wipes is that the Plush Baby Wipes are thicker than the Classic Baby Wipes.

If cost is an issue, you will find that the Classic Baby Wipes are more economical. We recommend the Classic as better suited to nappy changing, however, if you want to clean hands and faces too, you may find the Plush Baby Wipes better suited. Everyone has their own preference. If you can’t decide please contact us and request a sample of each.


How do mums use these wipes when they are out and about?

There are two common methods used:

Wet 10-20 wipes and put them in a reusable wipes container – like the type you get with lots of other wet wipes products, or a ziplock bag is just as good;

Alternatively, take your wipes with you dry along with a small squirty water bottle so you can wet them as you need them.


How long will my order take to arrive?

All orders are processed at 7pm daily (once my beautiful girls are in bed!) and sent with the courier the next morning (Mon-Fri).

Approximate delivery 
Auckland Urban and Outer areas 1-2 Day Delivery
North Island - 2-3 Day Delivery
South Island - 2-4 Days Delivery
Rural Delivery please allow an additional 1-2 days.