Baby Skin and your Home Environment

Posted on 2/10/13 12:02 AM

Have you noticed redness, little bumps or a rash on your baby’s skin?
These are often signs that his or her body is responding to something they’ve come in contact with. It could be something they’ve eaten, inhaled or even absorbed through their sensitive young skin. Sometimes these problems go away by themselves, but at other times you have to turn detective and work out what it is they are reacting to.
It pays to look at your environment and what touches your baby’s skin – wipes, nappies, clothing, bed linen, skincare and cleaning  products. If you can identify the culprit you can stop using it, but if you can’t your baby may have ongoing skin problems. It makes sense to play it safe and use only low-risk products without risky chemicals and fragrances.  By being aware of what’s in your environment and making simple changes to what you buy, you can avoid a potentially harmful build-up of toxins in your baby’s body. No, you can’t take away all of life’s risks and protect your baby from everything, but by becoming aware of what’s in your home you make it healthier and safer for everyone.  

Another cause for spots on your newborns skin is the change in hormonal balance as baby adjusts to life outside the womb.  These often look like acne and can last 3-6 weeks, they is completely normal and do not require treatment - they are best left alone.  If you are unsure please consult your lead maternity carer or GP.

ThinkWise Baby Skin and your Home Environment

Posted by Jodie - ThinkWise Founder

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