Baby Skin Basics

Posted on 5/10/13 9:14 PM

Did you know a newborn’s skin is five times thinner than an adult’s? And that after birth it takes up to six weeks for a baby’s natural protective barrier to develop – even longer in a premature baby?
Some of the chemicals found in everyday baby products such as wipes and skincare can prevent this vital barrier from forming properly, and when this happens the chances of your baby developing skin disorders such as eczema are higher.
Your newborn’s delicate skin is also very permeable and is doing lots of absorbing, so it is important to know exactly what is going onto it. We know lots of chemicals and fragrances are not good for babies – the more we use, the harder their little bodies have to work to elimate toxins from their systems. Even natural products should be used sparingly.
Here are our tips for caring for your newborn’s skin, based on medical science and research :

After your baby is born wait for two to three days before you bath him or her.
   Letting the vernix caseosa (the natural coating on newborns) soak in, helps protect the skin.
Use only water on your baby’s skin for at least the first month,
   the only exceptions are skin-friendly barrier creams, balms and massage oils.
Don’t bath your baby every day. Every second or third day is fine.
Read labels carefully, only use products that give a full ingredients list and avoid products with
   risky or dangerous chemicals.

Click here for a list of common risky and dangerous chemicals to avoid

ThinkWise Baby SKin Basics

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