101 ways to use Thinkwise wipes

Posted on 2/10/18 9:15 AM

We have been using Thinkwise dry wipes since Bowie was born, I wish I knew about them with my other babies because they are all kinds of AMAZING.

Over on instagram I share on my stories regularly the many ways they can be used so I thought I would write a blog for people to see how versatile and handy they are. I won’t list 101 ways but I’m sure there would be hahaha.

Firstly we use them as wipes for nappy changing, they are double the size of an “ordinary” wipe. I find for Both Bowie and Hugo that I only need to use the one wipe for a poonami. Ya know it’s a good wipe when it doesn’t move all the poop around! It grips and gets all the mess leaving them fresh and clean with the added bonus of being soft! No nasties just water. Sometimes (tummy bug, teething, etc) I will use coconut oil and a drop of lavender oil in with the water on our wipes. I make up 10 wipes at a time, I wet them all with 150ml water that lasts us about 2-3days. Wipes should only be made in 1-2day lots as there are no preservatives or anything to stop bacteria growing so best to either wet as you go or only make up a day or so at a time.

In those early days it’s handy to have a box close by, I reached for them every burp, spill, puke, after bath drying all those tiny little crevices, and blocking the mid nappy change squirt. Did I mention they are disposable or reuse-able? I have washed mine up to 3x which is fab when using to mop up those down the cleavage pukes and burps with follow on. They also dry super quick after being washed- ready to use again and again or until they start losing their “omph”. They can be used as nappy liners too!

We have found ourselves using them for the most unexpected things. Hubby used them at the table when eating pork ribs, and we just discovered they are perfect for cleaning sun glasses and our tv! We did buy a expensive TV cloth however thinkwise wipes work a treat at getting all those sticky little finger marks off. I also use them to remove my make up and to clean my menstrual cup.

During my travels and while out and about being a busy Mum of 5 I have used them as a change mat, a bib, a bandage for bleeding finger, a napkin/ plate on a picnic. You name it I’ve used it for that purpose!

One of our favorite uses is in the bath, everyone uses them, they are incredibly soft and the perfect size.

Lately we have discovered a few more unexpected uses. Bowie had conjunctivitis so I used a Thinkwise wipe with breastmilk to wipe her eye, it worked so well we have also been using them for Archie’s reoccurring bleeding noses, it’s amazing how absorbent they are for mopping up a multitude of bodily fluids! I have used them as breast-pads when I had cracked sore nipples and as a hot cloth to help with mastitis lumps.

Being a busy family of 7 we have our fair share or bugs. Thinkwise wipes are great for snotty noses being so soft and gentle on sore noses. We put Vick’s or essential oils on the dry wipe, fold it up and put in between clothing layers for easy breathing when they have the snuffles.

It’s safe to say Thinkwise wipes serve many many purposes. I would love to hear how you use yours.

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